Dr. Stone is a rock band from the city of Biel, Switzerland. The band formed in 2022 and consists of singer and guitarist Martin Hilpert, guitarist Pierre Rutz, bassist Robin Gygax and drummer Daniel Germiquet.

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    The four musicians use their experience to offer a sound they describe as rock 'n' roll with pure positive energy. Their songs reflect influences that range from the golden age of hard rock in the '70s to the dawn of Britpop.

    The lyrics of the songs deal with topics that are diverse and surprising, and that are a long way from common rock clichés. In addition to stories inspired by current events (Hard Year, Empty Streets), the texts address the work of Marie Curie (Radiation), family relationships (Longest Night) or the escape from a country at war (Madonna & Child).

    Martin Hilpert : vocals and guitar
    Pierre Rutz : guitar
    Robin Gygax : Bass
    Daniel Germiquet : drums

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Our repertoire currently consists of 20 of our own songs. Four of them can be found on our first EP "Radiation", which was released in April 2023. Long Live Rock!

Upcoming concerts

We've been concentrating our activities on recording in the studio (new live dates to be announced soon) ...

20.09.2024 / 21:00 Cyber Blues Bar, Bienne
Concerts in 2023
28.10.2023 Le Royal, Tavannes
01.09.2023 First Friday, Bienne
19.08.2023 Private concert, Bartfest
24.06.2023 Micro Festival, Bienne
23.06.2023 Fête de la Musique, Neuchâtel
Tremor Village Festival (festival cancelled)
03.06.2023 Robifest, Bienne
28.04.2023 Kiosk Art, Neuchâtel
28.01.2023 Beer O'Clock, Bienne
Concerts in 2022
29.10.2022 Private concert, Biel/Bienne
17.09.2022 Private concert, Prés-d'Orvin